Second Earth Noah’s Landing stage is about to begin!

Participation rules.

Pioneer Noah:

Find the invitation code shared by Explorer Noah’s or other Pioneers and register, receive and fulfill missions, and accumulate contribution value.

Explorer Noah:

Citizens who want to become Explorer Noah and receive additional missions and benefits must transfer 5000 USDT (ERC-20) to the official deposit address. Explorer Noahs also must start the task of recruiting Pioneers and accumulate contribution value (after the Reshaping phase starts, all citizens will become Junior Pioneers, the referral network remains unchanged).

Noah’s landing stage needs to be announced by the global community to strengthen the consensus on the Second Earth. Citizens can accumulate contribution value by fulfilling missions every day. When Reshaping stage launches, Second Earth will allocate SET subscription quotas to all citizens according to their accumulated contribution value in comparison to the whole network.

The aspiring Explorer Noah must recruit at least 100 Pioneers to obtain the Explorer Noah qualification. If he cannot reach this goal, the 5000 USDT deposit will be returned (minus the SET subscription quota according to the already accumulated contribution value).

Explorer Noah’s exclusive benefits:

1. 10% weighted dividend from the sales of Explorer Helmets and other official VR equipment

2. Obtain the privilege of selecting a territory and receive commission from the personal mission system and dividends from merchants setting up shops in your territory

3. Receive exclusive missions during Noah’s Landing stage and obtain additional contribution value

4. Receive dividends from the future CPVS avertising ecosystem

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