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The future of tourism has arrived. Join our travelers community and be one of the pioneers of Virtual Reality Travel!

Setcoin pioneers the VR travel revolution

The Second Earth Gaia Project is opening up a new world of endless excitement and exploration. In times of uncertainty and turmoil, safely travel all over the world without ever leaving your home. Join our global community and be one of the pioneers of virtual reality travel. Fulfil your mission and earn your reward. Virtually everything is possible!


Travel and explore without boundaries. Virtually everything is possible!

Noah Explorer

Within the Second Earth Gaia Project, Explorers lead Pioneers to explore the territory of our virtual second earth and provide content to new users to obtain long-term benefits from fulfilling tasks and watching advertisement (calculated by CPVS – cost per view of the second earth).

Deposit: 5000USDT

In the early stage (“Noah’s Landing” stage), the Noah Explorer assists and guides Pioneers to help publicize the project and obtain contribution value, and then purchase the corresponding amount of SET tokens in the following “Reshaping” stage. In the mid-term, SET tokens can be mined through the POM mission mining system and later through the introduction of the ecosystem-wide mission mining mechanism.
Within the mission system, the Explorer can supplement or improve AR/VR content in his respective area to encourage the involvement of users. Within the advertising system, the interactive advertising customization system can allow advertisers to utilize interaction through virtual reality to communicate with the audience. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, their buying behavior will be incentivized and product customization as well as product personalization will be optimized to the greatest extent. In summary, advertising will become more accurate through user screening and analysis, while at the same time blockchain technology will ensure transparency and prevent fraud.
The greatest beneficiary of all the above is the Explorer.


Under the oversight of Explorers, Pioneers can use their mobile phones and other electronic equipment to gather data (initially mainly photos, videos) for the second world ecosystem and obtain revenue from sharing this data.

Any user who has a mobile device or other suitable devices for data gathering can become a Pioneer.
About Pioneer data gathering: Pioneers shall shoot photos and videos in certain areas and upload photos to the Gaia ecosystem. This data will provide the most important building block for the construction of the Gaia virtual world. Pioneers will receive “missions” from their respective Explorers and will obtain revenue according to their contribution in fulfilling these missions. By collecting data and fulfilling missions, Pioneers may build their own networks up to a point where they become Explorers themselves. The student may well become the master!


Noah's Landing Launches on Sep 03 2020

About Second Earth token (SET)

The Second Earth Gaia Project features a native cryptographic token: SET (Second Earth Token). SET is the core token of all economic actions within the Second Earth virtual economy.

The SET token will be issued on a public blockchain with high throughput and smart contract capability. A fixed amount of tokens will be mined every day and distributed to users according to their token holdings (POS), plus their share in the completion of missions of the entire network (POM). This leads to a dynamic token issuance in such a way that those who genuinely contribute to the growth of the network (through data gathering and sharing = accomplishment of missions) will receive more tokens than those who only hold tokens but do not contribute. Moreover, this issuance model will prevent unfair and unbalanced accumulation by a few large holders.

Maximum supply: 510.1 million (total surface area of the earth in square kilometers)

Noah’s Landing stage initial circulating supply: 5.101 million SET

Initial price: 0.2 USDT

Revival stage initial circulating supply: 51.01 million SET

Tokens not initially distributed will remain in the mining pool and are jointly held by all participants in the entire economy. Tokens will be mined according to the following model:

Every day, users obtain newly mined tokens according to the ratio of gross national product (GDP) to the GDP of the entire referral network according to the POM mission mining system.

The amount of tokens held by a Explorer’s group of Pioneers combined with their share of the total amount of missions completed in the ecosystem, form the GDP value. Thus, an Explorer needs to make sure his group is holding a sufficient amount of tokens as well as actively participates in the ecosystem by fulfilling missions.

Sources of Value of SET

Data is mining. Every picture uploaded by the user in the Gaia app will be used by artificial intelligence algorithms to compose and enhance the virtual world. Data is value. The user’s mining behavior is based on POM consensus (“M” stands for media , message, memory, mission). SET is the token reward obtained after the user contributes data, and provides an incentive mechanism used to encourage users to take part in the creation of the second world.

The advertising business, gaming and VR experience in the virtual world of the Gaia project can be developed into a full virtual economy with virtually unlimited commercial value.

SET will become the global transaction currency of VR technology products and services worldwide, without geographical constraints.

The maximum supply of tokens is 510.1 million. The more Explorers and Pioneers, the smaller the average holding amount. The economic model, enhanced by the Schröder–Bernstein theorem as its core function, limits the concentration of tokens in the hands of a few major players and effectively restricts the means of large capital to harm the interests of small holders.

Starlink and the advancement path of the 5G era. When Elon Musk’s Starlink project and the 5G infrastructure are mature, full global internet coverage will be a reality for the first time. Gaia will be the first project to capitalize on the new possibilities offered by this new era of global high-speed internet. The VR industry in general will make a huge leap and Gaia will be at the forefront of this development.

Proof-of-Mission (PoM)

Our mission is to bring virtual travelling to the global masses. This can only be achieved with the help of a strong community, just as Wikipedia, the most comprehensive encyclopaedia in human history, could only be built with the contribution of millions of people all over the world. Therefore, the Gaia Project features a revolutionary mission system to encourage community members all over the world to join hands and build a second world and bring it to life.

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Setcoin pioneers the VR travel revolution


We are the citizens of the Second Earth

We are the most powerful innovative virtual reality community in the world, free and open to everyone. We firmly believe that people want to shape and explore their own world. Therefore, we provide everyone with a free and open 360’ virtual world, which can be rebuilt and shaped with the help of your collaboration. The overlord will build their virtual empire, and the pioneers will join them to bring the Second Earth to life. Our revolutionary mission system will ensure that every contribution is rewarded with the Second Earth Token (SET). Only those who contribute can mine tokens through the Proof of Mission (PoM) system.

We are just a group of passionate people all over the world. If you are too, please join our journey! Our goal is continuous improvement, and every thought and suggestion can help us provide a better experience for everyone. Therefore, if you have any questions, please contact us!

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